Award Organisation Placed Year
Traditional Thick Pork Sausage UK Sausage Week Highly Commended 2018
Liver & Bacon Caserole NFMFT Silver Award 2018
Welsh Dragon Sausage Roll NFMFT CATEGORY AWARD 2018
Pork & Pear Sausage NFMFT GOLD AWARD 2018
Nutty Lamb Noisettes Q Guild Of Butchers SUPREME CHAMPION 2017
Pork Pizza Burger NFMFT Gold 2017
Leek With Smoked Bacon & Potato Pie NFMFT Gold 2017
Traditional Thin Pork Sausage NFMFT Gold 2017
Sirlon Steak Q Guild Of Butchers Gold 2017
Pork Pizza Burger Q Guild Of Butchers Gold 2017